I had the pleasure of working with Amruta for the past 4 months to rehabilitate the Diastasis Recti that I experienced after the birth of my second child. As a person who enjoys exercise, I came to Amruta pretty much in tears because I no longer had the core strength , had no clue how to get it back and go about fixing my issue. I had already tried the brutally repetitive and time consuming Tupler Technique, which helped me strengthen my transversus abdominal muscles ut had no lasting effect on my core strength. Amruta was able to sit with me , discuss the while journey that I had been through with both babies, and expalin a woman’s anatomy to me in a way that was easy to understand and easy to relate to. She developed a very managable exercise program for me to heal the diastasis recti and to strengthen my pelvic floor ( after explaining that you cannot heal one without healing the other!)

She never hesitates to answer my frantic emails or phone calls when I fear I am not making progress or that I am doing something wrong. She always calmly and patiently brings me back on track and assures me each week that while I might not see it, she can feel and see that I am making progress. She is right. While I am still working on healing my diastasis Recti and regain my pelvic floor strength, I can see and feel the results. My diastasis measures at a 1 finger width now ( previously 4), and I have regained my running speed, can pick my children up with better strength and distribution ad have regained my body confidence that I had pre babies. She is amazing and I highly recommend her and her practice.——- AS