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Men have Pelvic Floors too! Part 2

In case you missed it, males have pelvic floors too. In our June blog, I talked about male pelvic floor dysfunction that benefits from pelvic floor strengthening. Link is here:    Many...

Men have pelvic floors too! Part 1

Pelvic floor physical therapy isn’t just for women. In fact, at Hudson Valley Physical Therapy, we treat men daily for a variety of pelvic floor dysfunctions.   While overall pelvic health awareness for females seems to be on the rise, we often see quite a lag in...

Endometriosis Basics

March is endometriosis awareness month. Endometriosis is a very serious and debilitating disease. Pelvic Floor physical therapy can help manage the pain caused by endometriosis related adhesions.

5 Tips to Stay “Regular” this Holiday Season

December is now upon us and the holiday season is in full swing. Between the holiday party at the office or time spent traveling to visit friends and family (not to mention the stress that can accompany extra family time), you may find that your body is a bit out the...

For all the fit moms (and moms to be) out there

At Hudson Valley Physical Therapy, we aim to provide the highest level of personalized care for our patients. In order to meet that objective, it is our job to stay up to date with the research out there. Our patients rock at Hudson Valley Physical Therapy because...

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