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What People are Saying

“Amazing people with amazing knowledge”

The therapists at Hudson Valley Physical Therapy are amazing people with amazing knowledge. I went to them in the worst state of my life. With their care and effort I was able to make huge leaps in healing myself physically and mentally as well as gave me the tools to eventually be 100% healed. I am forever grateful for them. – HC

“Professional and knowledgeable”

Megan knew how to make me comfortable in a situation that can be uncomfortable for this type of therapy. She was professional and knowledgeable. I feel I improved my pelvic strength a lot thanks to our sessions.- CB

“Knowledgeable, informative, thorough”

I was skeptical at first and a little uncertain about the methods. She (Amruta) made me very comfortable. Very knowledgeable, informative, thorough, and kind. Very professional. – RO

“Amruta gave me the tools to heal myself”

Dr. Inamdar is a great doctor. She explained everything she was doing for me, gave me stretches to do at home, and really listened to me. Pelvic pain is such an embarrassing problem; it was freeing to talk to someone who cared and would give me the tools to heal myself. I’m so grateful!- MN


Geri Has helped my daughter, Isabella, feel much better. She is always professional and courteous-. — LH


Amruta was a wonderful PT. Aside from my physical pain I was also experiencing some emotional pain with my injury. She truly put me at ease and gave me the tools and the confidence to move forward with my life. I’m now able to fully care for my baby and return to work! Thank you…I couldn’t have done this without your help.” -L C


I’ve been a patient receiving services for Pelvic Floor / Biofeedback therapy for some 11 weeks now from Hudson Valley Physical Therapy. I’m not local to the area and travel a little over 2 hrs each way to attend my sessions in Hartsdale,NY under the care and guidance of Amruta Inamdar, PT. These sessions are private and in a relaxing office setting which has gone above and beyond to soothe your comfort level. The PT Amruta has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field and has been most helpful in my pelvic floor recovery and improvement. I still have a few more sessions to go before I complete my therapy but I’m really happy that I was referred to this particular office and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for help, wellness and improvement in their condition. Thank you Hudson Valley Physical Therapy/ Geri White and especially to you Amruta Inamdar, PT for your care , expertise in improving my condition. Thank you, PM


I was a patient of Amruta for 6 weeks. She is highly skilled , confident and professional therapist. Amruta explains the procedures carefully and is extremely patient. Moreover, she has a lovely manner I highly recommend her —– NG


I had the pleasure of working with Amruta for the past 4 months to rehabilitate the Diastasis Recti that I experienced after the birth of my second child. As a person who enjoys exercise, I came to Amruta pretty much in tears because I no longer had the core strength , had no clue how to get it back and go about fixing my issue. I had already tried the brutally repetitive and time consuming Tupler Technique, which helped me strengthen my transversus abdominal muscles ut had no lasting effect on my core strength. Amruta was able to sit with me , discuss the while journey that I had been through with both babies, and expalin a woman’s anatomy to me in a way that was easy to understand and easy to relate to. She developed a very managable exercise program for me to heal the diastasis recti and to strengthen my pelvic floor ( after explaining that you cannot heal one without healing the other!)

She never hesitates to answer my frantic emails or phone calls when I fear I am not making progress or that I am doing something wrong. She always calmly and patiently brings me back on track and assures me each week that while I might not see it, she can feel and see that I am making progress. She is right. While I am still working on healing my diastasis Recti and regain my pelvic floor strength, I can see and feel the results. My diastasis measures at a 1 finger width now ( previously 4), and I have regained my running speed, can pick my children up with better strength and distribution ad have regained my body confidence that I had pre babies. She is amazing and I highly recommend her and her practice.——- AS

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