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The most difficult part of pelvic floor physical therapy was picking up the phone and making an appointment. Amruta is dedicated, knowledgeable and very commited to the success of her patients. She has a great personality that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. The plus side is that if you follow her instructions and do your homework you will see improvements, I did!!     —-  DC


Review for Ms Amruta Inamdar

Background : To date I have attended 8 physical Therapy sessions with Ms Inamdar, beginning April 29,2016

Attitude: Ms Inamdar is a pleasant, friendly and approachable individual. Her positive attitude and her genuine concern for my treatment to be successful is evident.

Communication: At the beginning of each appointment, Ms Inamdar enquiures about my progress including any challenges that I encountered since the previous session. She addresses  any concerns and explains the objectives na dexercises for the current session.Throughout the session she provides constant encouragement and suggestions.

Planning and Scheduling: All sessions were shceduled with sufficient advance notice and began within 10 min of the appointment time (that’s excellent!)

Knowledege: I am impressed with Ms Inamdar’s knowledge and her desire to educate and empower patients. I was also impressed with her detailed review of my medical history to ascertain that the therapy was tailored to my specific needs and goals.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the therapy provided by Ms Inamdar and my on going progress. Without hesitation, I will recommend her to any friends and family members that my have a future need for this type of treatment.

Sincerely, CH


Amruta was incredible!!

I came in with pelvic pain following childbirth and within 6 weeks, I was pain free!! She was patient kind and extremely knowledgable about my condition.It’s clear she really loves what she does and care about helping people overcome pain. I highly recommend Amruta!!

I cant thank her enough for all she’s done for me.   AB


Amruta has literally saved my future!! After being diagnosed with hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction, I thought I would never be able to have intercourse again in my life. She has transformed me with her therapy and guidance. I am now able to have intercourse without pain. She has also given suggestions on foods and vitamins for the whole body, that will help with my condition. After seeing my doctor this past Thursday he agreed that she had done an  excellent job. I was supposed to get Botox shots if therapy did not work and now I dont need them. My doctor adviced that I still see Amruta every 2 weeks to monitor the progress and then limit it there after . She is such a positive uplifting women that coming to therapy isnt a chore. Rather it is an uplifting experience. She has made a tremendous impact on my life. God bless her.      LR


I felt immediately comfortable with Geri who was thorough and kind and relaxed and answered a lot of questions even my doctor did not answer. JS


I learned a lot this morning and I feel that Geri is going to help me. She’s very professional and competent.


Amruta was great. I have greatly improved, she was gentle and kind, informative, and gave clear advice/ instructions. I would definitely recommend her!  AS


Much better than I envisioned. CF


In our rushed and hurried world, I appreciate the time you have given me. Your kindness, patience and skill have given me hope against some pretty bad odds. Thank you so much for your help. Whoever happens to find you is very lucky. KG


When I started therapy at your office I did not think it was possible to achieve the improvement to date. Thank you sincerely.. together with Dr Bartaloto you have given me back the comfort of normal living. You were very professional in dealing with my slow effort to grasp the proper method for pelvic exercises. Regards and best wishes always in your practice.

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