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Review for Ms Amruta Inamdar

Background : To date I have attended 8 physical Therapy sessions with Ms Inamdar, beginning April 29,2016

Attitude: Ms Inamdar is a pleasant, friendly and approachable individual. Her positive attitude and her genuine concern for my treatment to be successful is evident.

Communication: At the beginning of each appointment, Ms Inamdar enquiures about my progress including any challenges that I encountered since the previous session. She addresses  any concerns and explains the objectives na dexercises for the current session.Throughout the session she provides constant encouragement and suggestions.

Planning and Scheduling: All sessions were shceduled with sufficient advance notice and began within 10 min of the appointment time (that’s excellent!)

Knowledege: I am impressed with Ms Inamdar’s knowledge and her desire to educate and empower patients. I was also impressed with her detailed review of my medical history to ascertain that the therapy was tailored to my specific needs and goals.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the therapy provided by Ms Inamdar and my on going progress. Without hesitation, I will recommend her to any friends and family members that my have a future need for this type of treatment.

Sincerely, CH

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