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Dear Geri,

I can’t thank you enough for how much you’ve helped me, both physically and emotionally. Over the years, I’ve come to expect insensitive, judgmental, and dismissive reactions to my condition from medical professionals. I’ve grown used to

being told that my own subjective experiences are invalid, because they don’t conform to the symptomatologies found in medical textbooks. These degrading experiences with health care providers
compound the anxiety, shame, and despair that accompany what are, at times, debilitating symptoms.
I was feeling particularly hopeless when I first came to YOJr office. But I was so touched by your compassion and the respect with which you treated me, You took the time to teach me about my body, and demystify some of my perplexing experiences, something I can’t remember any doctor doing. That alone greatly reduced some of my anxiety and shame, and for once, I felt empowered and optimistic about my prognosis.

I also simply enjoyed your sense of humor and the conversations we had during our sessions. And I can’t conclude without expressing my amazement at your knowledge of the body. If I didn’t know better, I’d totally think you had magical powers,

To summarize, I think you’re a rock star, and it’s been a pleasure to work with you. I hope life treats you as generously as you’ve treated me.

A million thanks,

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