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Hello HVPT community! 

My name is Arantzazu Cioce, but my friends call me Zazu. I’m happy to be joining Geri, Megan and the HVPT family! I am passionate about helping people, especially those with pelvic health concerns. You may ask, how do you even get into this line of work?! Well, here is my formula: 4 year bachelors + 3 year doctorate + hundreds of hours post-doctoral education and clinical experience in pelvic health specializing in pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum conditions. 

I am originally from the Sunshine State, but recently moved from the Land of Enchantment and I am currently loving the Empire State (FL→ NM→ NY)! I started my career with a solid foundation in orthopedic physical therapy, but quickly realized that pelvic health was a special population I wanted to be able to treat, too. So I continued my journey into this specialty and have loved every minute of it. Personally, this area interested me because I saw a gap in care for women during many stages in life, including the childbearing years and menopause. I thought of my own future as a woman, and I wanted to be a part of the positive change and inclusion which I want to experience within my own health care journey. 

I LOVE the human body!! It fascinates me – that is also why I also love my job! There is so much basic information about the female and male bodies that is just not taught in schools, and even in higher education, which I learned in my post-doctoral courses. To top it off, many things that we have been told are “part of life and aging” are things that can be assisted through the help of the right person. Things like painful periods, pain with sex, leaking urine, constipation and even birthing a baby can be improved with the help of a pelvic health physical therapist, just to name a few. What is the biggest barrier for people getting the help they need? They don’t know that there is conservative treatment (no surgery or medication) for these types of issues and many providers don’t know about our special skill set within the pelvic arena to refer out. How can we fix that? Get the word out! Advocate for yourself (and your loved ones) so that you can get the support you need to live your best life! 

I would love to continue this conversation with you here at Hudson Valley PT. 

Come visit me!


Zazu Cioce PT, DPT

Certification in Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy

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