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Do you know what and where your core is? Have you ever been in an exercise class when the instructor tells you to engage your core or tighten your core? What does that mean really?

Join HVPT’s Geri White on Tuesday, Nov 5th as she presents a workshop on core strengthening. No matter what stage you are in life, it is important to know how to activate your core correctly.

She will also discuss the role of pelvic floor muscles in developing your core strength and stability. She will also demystify the role of Kegels and how to perform them correctly. Most importantly, she will discuss why kegels are not for everyone.

Lastly, along with Barre3 instructors, she will review when to engage your core, including your pelvic floor muscles during Barre3 poses.

This is a FREE talk open to members and non members. There will be a barre3 class immediately following Geri’s talk. Nonmembers can take the class for free! Register at Just click on “Schedule Classes”. See you there!

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