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This is a training for moms of any age who are leaking urine after having babies. Learn how to help yourself live leak-free! This is our pilot program and we are offering a special introductory price of $99, but valued at over $300. There are only 15 spots available. Once filled, the course will be closed until we offer it again in the future.  

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About this Event

Did you know that leaking urine after having babies is NOT a permanent change you have to deal with forever? Most of us are told from our family, friends and even health care providers that this is “normal” and that leaking pee after having a baby is what you can expect for the rest of your lives.

THERE IS A SOLUTION- a majority of people with this issue can be LEAK-FREE if they wanted to be!

If you want to be LEAK-FREE and not have to worry about not making it to the bathroom in time, leaking with laughing or sneezing too hard or even performing exercise , then this training is FOR YOU.

This is a virtual training class that you can take from the comfort of your home or backyard!

We will arm you with the information and tools that you need to heal yourself! We will guide you on your LEAK-FREE journey. Check out our content outlined below:

Lessons (~ 30 minutes long each):

1) Normal (or Not) Bladder Function, Postpartum Healing, Types of Urinary Incontinence (Bladder Leakage)

2) Overactive Bladder, What Foods and Drinks Irritate your Bladder, How Lifestyle and Stress Affect your Bladder, Urge Suppression Tips, Bladder Retraining

3) What is a Kegel and your Pelvic Floor, How to Kegel Correctly and Know you are Doing it Right, Different Types of Kegel Exercises with Exercise Program

4) Self-Care Tips to Assist with Muscular Tension and Pain of the Bladder and Pelvic Floor

5) Movement and Exercise with a Leakage Problem


Handouts with key information, tips and exercises for you to keep

Three 20-minute Coaching Calls with a Pelvic Health Expert over the duration of the training program to be done whenever is most convenient for YOU


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Questions? Email one of our Specialists, Zazu Cioce DPT at: [email protected]

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