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This month we celebrate national physical therapy month. Cheers to all of our staff and physical therapy colleagues this month as we celebrate the diverse areas of practice of physical therapy and the impact we’ve had on patient’s lives.


This October, we will be highlighting 5 problems that we can help you with at Hudson Valley Physical Therapy that you may not have known about. 


Everyone has a pelvis. While it’s quite exciting to see the word getting out about pelvic PT, the public still perceives the field as something to help newly postpartum people. 


Don’t get us wrong! We love our postpartum clients, but we treat so much more. 

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Struggling with constipation? Have you been told to eat some more fiber and drink more water?


Yes, fiber and water are important, but constipation is very often trickier.


Besides diet, the pelvic floor muscles can be the big issue. Overactive pelvic floor muscles can make it difficult to evacuate during a bowel movement. 


Or sometimes, your brain is telling your muscles to relax and open up, but your muscles do the total opposite and actually tighten. 


We can help train your muscles to work for your instead of against you through hands on treatment, self management techniques, retraining your nerves, and different positioning strategies. 


Prenatal care

Why wait until after delivery to start physical therapy? 


Think of labor and delivery like a marathon. Ideally, you go into a marathon with the appropriate level of training. 


We are movement experts. We can teach you and your partner different positions that work best for you to help with delivery.


We can assess your muscles to make sure they are ready to handle the demands of labor and recover optimally. 


In addition, we have treat the normal aches and pains or pregnancy as well as debilitating conditions like pubic symphysis dysfunction. 


Pre/post Prostatectomy 

We see all genders at Hudson Valley Physical Therapy. That includes individuals with male genitalia. 


Battling prostate cancer is enough of a challenge. While a cancer free diagnosis post-surgery feels wonderful, incontinence post surgery can be a real bummer.


We see individuals pre-op to help your pelvic floor muscles get in the best shape possible for recovery.


We see patients post-op to work on getting you to your leak free goals. 


Urinary frequency/urgency

“I’ve always had a small bladder” Does this sound like you? Do you know where the bathrooms are on your daily walking route?


Put simply, urinary frequency/ urgency involves too many signals sent from your bladder to your brain. 


The small bladder is a myth, but over time, your bladder learns to become more sensitive to smaller volumes of urine.


Through bladder retraining and pelvic floor muscle assessment, we can help you become the boss of your bladder. 


Chronic pain

Conditions like endometriosis, crohns, and interstitial cystitis are common but rarely talked about.

If you suffer from a chronic pain condition, you know the limits that pain puts on your everyday life and activity.

At HVPT, we become part of your treatment team and can help you move better and learn self management techniques to manage tricky flare ups.

Besides pain, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, and adhesions from surgeries are common. We can help you out in these areas too.


Happy October! How can we help you out at Hudson Valley Physical Therapy?

Not in the area? Here’s a great search tool from our friends at My Pelvic Floor Muscles to help you find a pelvic health PT by you:


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