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Year after year, diet and exercise make up the lion’s share of New Year’s Resolutions. 


Health is more than just a number on a scale or hitting the gym 5 times a week. What if we reframed health to look at quality of life?


At Hudson Valley Physical Therapy, we specialize in pelvic floor dysfunction. Bowel, bladder, sexual dysfunction, and pain are all serious quality of life issues.


Pause that fitness tracker and resolve to improve your quality of life this year with these pelvic health resolutions for 2022

Resolution 1: Stop accepting that leaking is normal 


Yes, many people leak, but just because something is common does not mean that it’s acceptable 

A healthy pelvic floor should not leak.


Urinary or fecal incontinence (leakage) can be embarrassing, inconvenient, and not to mention expensive. 


You’re not alone and shouldn’t be ashamed if you live with incontinence, but know that life can be so much better.


Your pelvic floor physical therapist can address lifestyle factors, overactive or underactive pelvic floor muscles and get you on your leak free journey.


Resolution 2: Pregnant? Don’t accept that you just have to live with debilitating pelvic pain


Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain can strike at any point during pregnancy but is more common as the second and third trimesters progress.


This pain, typically located just below your low back, can make simple tasks like standing and cooking a meal or getting out of bed super painful.


Your pelvic PT is an expert in working with pregnant people.


Using hands-on techniques (manual therapy), exercises, recommending belts, and working on strategies to get you through painful tasks, your pelvic floor therapist can enhance your mobility and improve your pain during pregnancy. 


Resolution 3: Throw away the notion that your IBS is just something to live with the rest of your life


If you’ve been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, you’ve been through the ringer.


Reduce stress, elimination diets, try some miralax…the list goes on.


Hypersensitivity of the GI system is the hallmark of IBS.


At Hudson Valley Physical Therapy, we have the skill set to help you face your IBS symptoms.


Through manual therapy, lifestyle changes, and pelvic floor training, we can help you improve abdominal pain, bloating, and bowel movements.

How will you resolve to improve your quality of life this year? 


We’re here for you at Hudson Valley Physical Therapy when you’re ready to resolve to improve your pelvic health. 


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