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Happy physical therapy month! Maybe you’ve had an amazing physical therapist help rehab your shoulder injury, or maybe a PT has helped your child out in the past.


The field of physical therapy has so many different specialties. Some, you may be very familiar with; others, may make you say “I had no idea physical therapy can help me with that!”


Here’s where we come in. At Hudson Valley Physical Therapy, we are pelvic health specialists.


Want to know if you need pelvic floor PT? Keep on reading


What is the pelvic floor


Well, if you’re sitting down right now, you’re sitting on your pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles are your muscles “down there”

Layer I of III of the pelvic floor muscles
Used with permission of pelvic Guru LLC


This super important group of muscles has very important functions like:


Sphincter function: ie when you cough or sneeze or laugh, these muscles stop you for leaking

Sexual function: these are the muscles that rhythmically contract and relax with orgasm

Stability: they form part of your core to keep you upright and moving throughout the day

Support: the organs that live inside your pelvis, get a lift from this muscles group 

Sump pump: your breathing muscles work together with your pelvic floor to keep things moving inside the whole abdominal cavity

Now how do you know if you may need the help of a pelvic PT? 




You’ve tried drinking more water increasing your fiber, but you’re still straining and straining.  Your pelvic floor muscles need to bulge and relax to allow passage of stool. If you’re struggling with constipation, a pelvic floor specialist can help you.




While leaking pee when you laugh is common, it should never happen if your pelvic floor is doing it’s job properly. Leaking pee or poo? A pelvic floor physical therapist can help you.


Urgency/ frequency 


Do you feel like you’re always running to the bathroom? Normal frequency of urination is every ~3 hours throughout the day. A pelvic PT can help you be the boss of your bladder.


Pelvic pain


Sex should never be painful. If you’re having pain during or after sexual activity, or in the gentials, your pelvic floor muscles may be to blame. 


Low back pain, hip pain etc.


Maybe you’ve tried orthopedic PT or injections and your musculoskeletal pain just won’t budge. A pelvic PT can help you rule in or out contribution from your pelvic floor. 


Prenatal care 


Pregnant and want to have a positive birth experience? Our pelvic health specialists have training to help you with positing and techniques for labor. We can also make sure your pelvic floor is in great shape before delivery.


In fact, we currently have a very special prenatal package available here You’ll receive a prenatal assessment, a birth prep session with your birthing support partner, a postpartum virtual check in, and a full one hour postpartum session. 


Pelvic floor physical therapy can help you with so much more. Bowel, bladder, and sexual function are all quality of life issues. Pelvic floor dysfunction affects all genders. If you or someone you know is suffering, we can help.

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