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What do you think of when you hear the word “core”? For most people, they think of those enviable six-pack abs. In reality, the core is a whole canister system, and the pelvic floor forms the bottom of the canister. Signs of pelvic floor dysfunction and weakness may include low back pain, incontinence (leakage), pelvic organ prolapse, or diastasis recti. A strong and healthy pelvic floor requires strength, mobility, and coordination. 

Yoga is the perfect compliment to pelvic floor strengthening, but don’t just take our word for it. A prospective study conducted in 2015 followed a group of women with urinary incontinence that completed an eight week program of both pelvic floor strengthening and yoga. Results showed improvements in pelvic muscle strength and incontinence at the end of eight weeks (Kim et. al, 2015). 

This pelvic floor and core strengthening yoga pack offers an express( approximately 20 minutes) and a 45-minute practice led by certified yoga instructor and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Megan Lavroff. The classes will introduce you to engagement of your deep core stabilization muscles and pelvic floor muscles during the yoga practice. Included in the pack is a bonus Intro to Yoga mini-class if you are new to yoga. 

Kim, G. S., Kim, E. G., Shin, K. Y., Choo, H. J. and Kim, M. J. (2015), Combined pelvic muscle exercise and yoga. Japan Journal of Nursing Science, 12: 330-339. doi:10.1111/jjns.12072

Fee: $ 45.00

Included in this package: 

  • 20-minute express/part 1 yoga session
  • 45 minute part 2 yoga session
  • Bonus 15-minute Intro to Yoga session
  • Unlimited access for life


Take advantage of our Holiday Specials Through December 31, 2020

    • $30.00 for the package
  • Purchase BOTH packages for a total of $50.00

Great for holiday gifting!


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