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Do I need a referral or a prescription from a doctor or licensed medical provider?
Yes. While your insurance may allow you to attend rehabilitation without a prescription or a referral, at Hudson Valley Physical Therapy it is required that you have a provider (MD, Osteopath, Nurse Practitioner) managing your overall health care. Many conditions involving the pelvis can be medical in nature and require ruling out of more serious conditions before coming to the clinic. It is also helpful to have a medical provider with whom we can coordinate care and discuss your health as a team. Having a strong healthcare team can be essential for good healing.

Clients who have Medicare insurance are required to have a prescription during all phases of treatment.

What should I expect on my first visit?
On your first visit, we’ll listen to your story. We’ll review your health history, and discuss the specific concerns that brought you to physical therapy. It’s your opportunity to ask questions. We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your condition. With simple functional movements, we examine how you move from head to toe—the strength and mobility of your spine, ribcage, hips, pelvis and legs all affect your pelvic health.

An assessment of your pelvic muscles internally (through the rectum or vaginal canal) may be valuable and will assist us in effectively identifying strength deficits and other dysfunction which may be contributing to, or resulting from, your condition.

What should I expect during subsequent treatment sessions?
Most courses of treatment last between 6 – 8 weeks, though this will vary depending on your specific condition. A significant part of your treatment plan will include education addressing the causes of your pain or dysfunction and how best you can help to manage your condition.
(For those menstruating) Should I reschedule if I have my period?
It is usually not necessary to reschedule if you are on your cycle, so you are welcome to keep your appointment.
How often do I need to come in?
Most of our patients attend visits once per week for a few weeks, and then decrease the frequency of visits. For conditions like uncomplicated urinary leakage, it is typical to work with a client for 4-6 visits over 1-3 months. If a person has dealt with persistent pelvic pain for many years, rehabilitation may require more time. Our goal is to minimize the number of visits and for you to not need ongoing care. At the same time, some clients may need to attend therapy occasionally or intermittently to help manage flare-ups.
I’ve never heard of pelvic floor physical therapy before, Is this a sexual therapy?
Our office does provide pelvic rehabilitation and that may include discussion or treatment of sexual health concerns. Treatment is physical therapy that is directed towards the pelvic area. If a client is requesting inappropriate treatment or making any suggestive comments, treatment may be discontinued immediately with no further option to reschedule.
Where are we located?
280 N. Central Avenue, Suite 211, Hartsdale, NY 10530.  Conveniently located on Central Avenue across from the Best Buy-Marshalls-Trader Joe’s Shopping Center, we are on the corner of Chatterton Pkwy and Central Avenue.
Where do I park and which entrance do I use to get in the building?

The office has it’s own free parking lot. We have free valet parking on the upper level in the event the lower level parking lot is full.

If you park on the upper level, enter the building through the rear entrance. Take the elevator to the second floor. Make a right out of the elevator and we are next to the ladies bathroom on the left, Suite 211.

Park on the lower level, enter in the main lobby elevator and press level 1. Make a right out of the elevator. Take the elevator to the second floor. Make a right out of the elevator and we are next to the ladies bathroom on the left, Suite 211.

What do the letters in your title mean?

P.T. indicates a license in physical therapy D.P.T. signifies a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

W.C.S. indicates Women’s Health Clinical Specialist. A WCS is a licensed therapist who:

  • Has proven they have the knowledge, skill, and experience unique to the area of women’s health practice by successfully passing the Women’s Health Clinical Specialist Board Examination
  • Is certified in Women’s Health Physical Therapy by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS)
  • Has completed a minimum of 2000 hours of women’s health clinical practice.
  • CAPP-OB is a Certification in Pregnancy and PostPartum Physical Therapy. The Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy (APTA Pelvic Health) awards the Certificate of Achievement in Physical Therapy (Obstetric Physical Therapy or Pelvic Health Physical Therapy) to licensed Physical Therapists (PTs) who complete a series of comprehensive evidence-based education courses, written and clinical testing at each level and a written case report rigorously reviewed by the CAPP Case Reflection Committee. Upon successful passing, recipients are featured in the Academy’s distinguished directory, receive a Certificate of Achievement they can display in their office to patients and employers to demonstrate the caliber of their accomplishment.

  • CYT-200 is a Certifed Yoga Teacher with 200 hours of training. 

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