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Core and Pelvic Floor Health


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Have you ever noticed that there’s always a line at the ladies’ room right before a group fitness class starts? Have you been in a class where the instructor tells you to “engage your core” but nothing really happens when you do this? Are you pregnant or postpartum and want to minimize your risk of developing prolapse and incontinence?

If you answered “yes” to any of the statements above, you are in the right place.

Everyone has a pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is your muscles “down there”, and they have some pretty important functions like supporting all the organs living inside the pelvis, sphincteric function, sexual function, and stability.

In this private virtual or in-person(you choose) wellness coaching session, you will learn

  • Basic anatomy of the pelvic floor and core muscles
  • Warning signs that you may be experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Common prenatal/postpartum pelvic floor conditions
  • Why and how to properly perform a kegel
  • How and when to engage your deeper core stability muscles
  • How to protect your core and pelvic floor muscles

Problems with the pelvic floor can dramatically impact your quality of life. Learn how to protect and maintain health in your core and pelvic floor for life.

*Once you register, our office will contact you to schedule your class*

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