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Exercise Considerations During Pregnancy


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Can I continue to run during pregnancy? Is exercise good for me and my baby? What are the warning signs that I may need to stop or modify my exercise?

If you love to exercise and want to continue to live a healthy and fit life during pregnancy or if you want to start exercising during pregnancy and start a wellness journey for you and your baby, this is the session for you.

In this private 1:1 virtual or in office (you choose) wellness coaching session, you will learn:

  • The benefits of exercise for you and your baby
  • How to work with your provider to make sure you are SAFE and cleared to exercise during pregnancy
  • What exercises are “safe and unsafe” during pregnancy
  • Warning signs to be on the lookout for during exercise
  • How and why you should train your core during pregnancy

*Once you register, our office will contact you to schedule your class*


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