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Postpartum Prevention of Injuries and Pain


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Are you postpartum and wondering what you should do to prevent things like back pain, urinary leaking and pain with sex? Does your body feel different and disconnected?

Figuring out your post-baby baseline can be tough on your own. We can teach you how to work with the normal bodily changes during postpartum and keep you living your best life.

In this private 1:1 virtual or in office (you choose) wellness coaching session, you will learn:

  • What is the recovery timeline for your body during postpartum
  • What are considered normal changes during postpartum and what is not normal
  • What YOU can do about changes that are not normal to eliminate or reduce those issues if they happen to you in postpartum
  • Physical activity guidelines for adults with postpartum considerations
  • Postural and pelvic floor screen with general wellness tips
  • Body mechanics during postpartum to work with, not against, your new body
  • How producing breast milk affects your body postpartum
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