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Return to Fitness After Pregnancy


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You just had a baby…congratulations! Did you love CrossFit before baby? Are you a triathlete or marathoner? Did you live and breathe for a good yoga class?

Navigating fitness postpartum can be a little scary. Let us help you safely return to doing what you love.

In this private 1:1 virtual or in office (you choose) wellness coaching session, you will learn:

  • When is it safe to start exercising after your vaginal/cesarean delivery?
  • What exercises should you start with
  • Are your core and pelvic floor ready for more challenging exercises?
  • Modifications for group fitness classes (yoga, pilates, barre, etc.)
  • How to return to run after pregnancy/ suggestions for stroller running
  • Modifications for common movements in CrossFit/ Bootcamp style classes

Being a new mom is hard enough. We can help you reap the mental health and physical benefits of regular exercise.

*Once you register, our office will contact you to schedule your class*


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